Sunday, June 17, 2007

| a father's day

Difficult? Challenging? Hard? I guess none of these words could describe the past few weeks of my life. But one thing I know for sure, things have change.

people with genuine simultaneously weird faces

I can't truthfully say that everything was good and happy, joyful with laughters and all; there were days when I wished I had taken a different path. Wishful thinking. I was made embarrassed, forced my heart to turn stone cold, put on that distasteful mask that I so hate to wear and was drained to the bottom of my soul.

powder from hell

CRY BABY! CRY!! okay, that was mean. sry~~

For a man like, knowing my own character and personality to have a brilliance of confidence in my strength and abilities, have now been stripped down bared and drained dry. The shell has been removed and all that lies exposed the core.

stick another board, stick a board next to ya
stick another board and sing this song

But yet I somehow managed to stand on my feet, lift my head up and continue pushing onwards. I knew this was not my strength. This feeling of nostalgia reminded me of a time when I lived my life not on my own strength and somewhere along my path, I've forgotten the source of my strength and began to rely on my own strength more.

work work ~ grunt

Yea, now I remember how much I had when I had nothing, how strong I was when I was weak. Love in the shadows. I remembered the source of my strength. I'm not wearing my mask. I smile from my heart. Despite the events that life has thrown into my face a few days ago, my Father has given me the strength I needed to not fall.

girls make good sticky stuff

I'm glad, I truly am, to have such a wonderful Father whom above all, never let me go. The real father's day, belongs to Him. Happy Father's Day and thanks Dad, for being my strength.

*sneak preview*

I'm not alone.

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Anonymous said...

yeah.. Happy Father's Day.. =)
-shu lin-

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