Sunday, June 03, 2007

| when you can't have it all

In my implausibly extensive and colossal vocabulary glossary of linguistics, the new-age common word, EMO does not exist. It's a cancer to society; a malignancy against all that is good.

Therefore, despite the often misleading titles, this post is not EMO.


Think of it as a contemplation, the figure of the thinking man sitting on a rock, pondering life's questions and mysteries; the universe, cars, and women.

we love the ice-cream man

Priorities may change but the virtues, principles and integrity of man must never be shaken ~ Andrew

The holidays is somehow affecting me.. can't pin-point it yet though. In a few ways, I don't feel that dumb as I normally do. Hmmm..

it was fun *smiles*

Okay, seriously.

Been looking my life in the past, things I've done, the experiences I've gone through and I've been filtering it all and throwing a few questions around. The truth about life is that no matter what you do, you can't have it all.

You can't still be as close as you used to be towards all your friends if you want to be closer to the new ones.
You can't spend time with everybody and you have to choose which is more important to you; your priorities, responsibilities, friends, family and most importantly - God.

we all have wings, we all are saints

Kinda wish I was superman, able to be close to Louis Lane and yet, still able to save the world. Or in the context of my life, able to be close to all those dear to my heart (and there are many) and yet, still able to serve the people and my God. For me to shift the balance would mean sacrificing a few things and to the few people whom might not understand it all, they might hold it against me.

I do not blame them.

It is inevitable.

normal : RM268/month?

Sometimes I feel like my life is running on a broadband service by tmnut. It's not fast enough for me to be superman.

Oh well, I won't be back till Wednesday, till then, blessed holiday peeps~

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