Monday, June 11, 2007

| perserving innocence activate

It's just one of those days when I see why God has placed me to be a Malaccan.

your life is seen through your reflection

The perks, and the works. The sacrifices and the laughters. Yea. Just one of those days. But the day for me is once again filled with mixed emotion. Kinda made me question the characteristics of a human mind; why we do the things we do, our motivation - our reason for doing good and bad.

this generation lacks innocence

Call me bias. Call me a hypocrite. Call it discrimination.

But I've always felt that as Christians, there are certain things that we just DON'T do. God has made it in such a way that I've seen, heard and experience plenty in this life, through my ups and my downs. I've seen the most righteous of people and the lowest scum and I've came to see through their perspective of life. I've done my share of good and bad too but through it all, I haven't fail to uphold to my principles in life.

and they know not the consequences

I guess I need not mention the things that we, as Christians shouldn't do - it all boils down to your own individual principles and conviction. But forget not that living life as Christians is tough as we are 'expected' to do the good and persecuted when we fall. But I do believe that we can maintain that standard that God has set for us. We pursue it though we are not righteous.

serving : all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags

It has and most probably, always will be my burden, my concern to watch for, to look out and to protect what little innocence that is left in my generation. Some of the people closest to me has already lost theirs and it truly breaks my heart. So I pray that God will have mercy on us and may His grace never stop flowing. For if His grace stops, we are all doomed.

Think about it.

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