Wednesday, August 22, 2007

| marathon of weariness

Okay.. I've not have a decent sleep for a few days now. Actually, I haven't had a decent sleep since Saturday. Been pulling an all-day'er-with-little-sleep and will have to do so till Friday. To make matters worse, I have a mid-term paper on Saturday of which I'm struggling to find the time to study without feeling tired or drowsy and a hint of concentration.

spam the fylers and stickers.. it helps

As of now, my group, the Ice Ice Baby (or Babies to be grammatically correct), is still hanging on the gallows. We need to raise a good RM100 nett profit per day till Friday if we're gonna gain any actually profit. Our break even is RM500. Toughie..

silver and gold i have none, but in the name of Jesus Christ..

So yea, RM500 in five days. It's already passed day two and we haven't even reach a good stable RM200 nett profit yet. Gonna need a whole lotta extra help cash-wise. Honestly, I'm so tired right now, that I'm battling to stay awake and blog. Seriously.

lick meee~

I really must say a huge "Thank You" to all ye peeps who visited and supported my stall. It's thanks to you that we've been able to bring up some cash at all. Especially the CF'ers. Thanks for supporting and I do hope you'll continue to support us till this whole nonsense is over.

Now I gotta get back into saving the world.
Say it along guys!!

traveled to far eh dude?

Good nite peeps! (visit LOT75!!)

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