Thursday, August 16, 2007

| these funny little feeling

It's already Thursday.. and somehow, I'm still breathing. Feeling kinda weird now though. It's a feeling that makes you wanna emo and all..

must be the haircut that's causing this.. heh~

Got soooo many August babies, one after another, popping out like pimples on the face except there's no pimple but it's still squishy nonetheless. ... rriiight~ Moving on now.

suddenly.... balloons! everywhere!

Photobucket's refusing to cooperate with me. Can't even seem to load the webpage itself. bleh~ Inferior broadband dominated by one company with only one thing in mind - and it ain't us, the customers.

Anyway, weird thing happened today (or yesterday, depending on how you read this blog). Celebrated mom's birthday today, 15th August in our good ol' Tai Pan Seafood restaurant, a friend on ours. Now she's a proud xx year old lady with a heart of cold iron gold. I phailed to take pictures of the whole event. Definitely wasn't myself. hahaha~ Oh well. Life just goes on.


nite peeps.. life just goes on.

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sh|ru said...

happy bday moms indeed

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