Monday, August 20, 2007

| 10 years of blessings

The freshly-graduated dudes and dudettes from MMUcf are thrown into the working world, they'd think they would finally be able to give a good ol' sigh and mutter words like, "Man, I'm old.." but just as they opened their lips, CF 10th Anniversary strikes - hard.

and we thought he was old.. *chuckles* good times..

The first ever CF 10th Anniversary would make people like Samuel Yau, Jason Leong, and Edmund whom we would recognize as super-seniors, look like super juniors and in turn, makes people like me... babies.

cfMMU dancing the to the wicked licks of Toby Mac

pastor kickin' it off

To those oblivious and indifferent; it's just another "anniversary".
To the sentimental and those whom prayed; it's a prayer that has come to pass.

o-ne-ted rawking with smooth tunes (and cool hats)

The human mind drifts often and is constantly being distracted, bombarded by the senses that though we might be in the midst of something great, we might just sleep by it and not even know it passed by. We gotta learn to concentrate and just as we're part of the body of Christ, we are all, One.

we all may have different characters of style..

..but we are of one substance

Personally, I do not really know nearly half of the people in that hall that day but one thing I do know for sure, is that I felt as if I've known them all my life, as if I'm connected to them - I'm part of their lives.

the people grins, wants, sees and flies

the p g 1 6 5

But truly, it was difficult and maybe even nearly impossible for us to be where we are now without the help of these saints, sent by God to watch over us, to guide us and to help us in every way possible. These people serve many and ask for little in return. They're the servants and we are their mission.

God bless His servants

Also, we won't be where we are now, in a comfortable hall that we could use to fellowship, to encourage each other, to sing our praises to God, to fall on our knees and worship Him, if it weren't for the students who started it all, the first batch of CF'ers, the 1997 guys and gals, the pioneers.

thanks for starting a movement that will never cease

It's my what? 3rd- 4th year in MMU and though I've yet to graduate and get thrown into the race of the working world, in my heart, I can see the importance of this 10th Anniversary for the CF. Because as for me, I'm gonna do my part in ensuring that this CF will grow, more than just physically in numbers but also spiritually.

to God be the glory~ yea!

I guess going for the Youth Pastor School and then this CF 10th Anniversary event really stirred something in my spirit. I just pray that God will keep me in a straight line and continue to give me the strength and wisdom I need to keep on pushing and serving Him. Serving God has never been this great of a blessing.

Thanks for reading. If you're in a CF, cherish it and the time spent there, for God can and will work wonders if you would keep your eyes on Him and serve Him faithfully. Nite peeps~

Blessed 10th Anniversary and thanks Dad

p.s. my cyber-preneurship group is selling ice-cream and drinks at President Square, in front of the main entrance, my shop's called Ice Ice Baby - I break it old school style. Got a lot of competition this time around so do come and support ya? arigato gazaimasu and YATTAAAA!!

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hey, u look different with your hair short lar.. looks like small kid. hahah.. just kidding. =p
-shu lin-

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