Thursday, August 02, 2007

| rocking into mordor

Something is wrong; that's quite evident to me and I'm not one bit (0 and 1) happy about it. My finger's itching to point around and about but in the end, it points straight at the mirror. It's true that in life, ya can't blame anyone else but yourself for most of the time and it is also true that in life, everybody expects you to please them one way or the other which leads to the next truth that you just.. can't.. please.. everyone.

it's like attempting to actually understand this magazine

I also understand that as time pass, as we gain more knowledge, as we age and gain new experiences, things will get more and more complex and issues become more and more complicated. With that, I often reminisce on the old times I had, the past experience I enjoyed and the emotions I felt, and most of them all - the things I've seen, some of which can never be compared nor fully understood.

all is once in a lifetime

So with that, I shall end this little post with a few random pictures from my /b/ folder, the PG-18 ones of course. Any further and I would be interrogated by pastor and hung upside down over a bunch of adorably deadly hamsters.

who da'ya call? ghost busters~! *cue theme song*

in short, orange got pwnt

deadliest weapon in known universe

indeed no one does

I feel like crap for feeling not content. Nite peeps~

p.s. i'll get over it.. somehow

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Anonymous said...

Yeah.. We can't please everyone around us. Have been troubled with this issue these few days also. Life is getting complicated here and I hope I can cope with it well. Really hope so... Sigh... Want to be myself but somehow I am living for people expectations and action in such a way that do not make people feel uncomfortable. Kinda sad... Emotion is badly affected when you can't behave the way ur want and have to behave to meet people's expectation... Sigh...
-shu lin-

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