Saturday, August 04, 2007


Java programming lab test at 10am?
Bleh~ No worries.

the paradoxical heritage

It's midterm week and midterm week means lesser-er people coming for CG, this is especially true for the Catalyst CG that currently has the biggest number of members. Hahahahahaha~ Sorry, can't keep that in. Total attendance for Thursday's CG amounts to an astonishing 4 members(!) - excluding me(!!). Initially wanted to go to Ayer Keroh's Mc D to do our bible study but I figured that it's still early in the month, lets not blow away the cash. Alas, we headed to Heritage as alpha Elbert has never eaten there before.

kelvin came after I took this pic.. poor guy~

The next day, during prayer meeting Elbert told me that she had a tummy-ache after dinner, probably caused by Heritage's food. Kay. This is the divider of opinion towards heritage; a bunch of people are fine with Heritage's food while another bunch seems to suffer from tummy-ache after eating their food.. probably due to the weaker genes. heh~ Elbert's an exception to that statement, of course.

RM8.80 for 3!! (only at Guardian) *cue theme-song*

Went to Umbai's Ikan Bakar for dinner. Due to my age and failing vision, I sorta gave the wrong direction and almost traveled towards that-which-shan't-be-named but after summoning the great spirits we finally found it.

GerX's bro, GerX, Vayne, Rehhnee, and I

Despite the long drive, it was good company that kept the spirit up. Actually, it was all Vayne dowain hais thaing, forest forest gump and all.

predicted: RM100+- actual: RM60.. sweet~

Anyway, yea, so we reached and ate. Food was so, so only. Guess when there are only a few customers around, they wouldn't really put much effort into keeping up with their fame. Such disease.

such a fitting name for a police station

On the way home, as we were talking about random stuff, something of my interest caught my ears.

People don't know the real me.

That's a rather funny statement don't ya think so? How one portrays oneself to others; their speech, their character, their intention. One can only go so far being 'fake'. Lies and deceit lasts for only a moment while the truth remains for eternity. With that in mind, I guess it's hard to be 'fake' for only so long. Thus, 'real you' isn't really the 'real you' but rather 'a different part of you' as a whole.

People don't know the real me.
People only know a part of me that I reveal to them.

---- think about it~

To my arguing john/jane doe, anonymous, etc. Now, now, lets play nice okay?

Nite peeps~ Looking forward to read all the chapters of your book. :)

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