Monday, September 10, 2007

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Mark My Best Friend (join the club now)

In the past one month, I've been interacting more with people than ever before.. Yay!! In fact, ever since I applied membership to the two most super-exclusive cult club, Deric My Best Friend and Mark My Best Friend, life has been ever exciting! Apa kata Mawi? World!

granddaughter - she'll take care of me till im senile!!

My granddaughter, [girl in pic], has been very supportive to me. Me lurva her alottah. Very useful and kind, unlike the ones out there in the market. Belongs in kitchen with apron. Makes good coffee and knows how to serve with respect. Doesn't accept cash. First time she belanja me was a couple of days back. Retails for USD$39.95 - Get yours now!

[out of stock]

Just kidding about me granddaughter. She retails for USD$14.50 is not for sale - sorry. Me feels a painful pinch coming soon. hahaha~ Okay, I'm talking nuts here. Ignore for three.. two.. one.. ignore complete. Me like deb a lot. Won't sell her for any price.. *ahem*

me lurvah mah CG!!

Despite the usual low attendance, last week, Catalyst CG reached a record-breaking attendance of 8 people! EIGHT! You know, DVD8! Whoohooo~ Guest star appearance includes the lovely Hui Yin and the cute Shin Dee. Our priority is to celebrate Kay Lyn's belated birthday, so we got a slice of Choc Cheese cake from Secret R, and had dinner in Kenny Rogers - first time I've EVER paid for a meal in Kenny Rogers. gosh~ Went to play some pool later. It fun night.

singing in the raiiiin~

Friday rains hinder me from going out in the afternoon. Missed my morning class too due to a medical condition called Sleeperus Calltous - deadly I tell ya, deadly. It's another one of those blessing-in-disguise I guess. Got to spend a good time with Gloria. She's growing fast, though I wish the conditions for her upbringing would be in a better location, no malays, big fields, etc.

super sepet unlimitology - gotta catch'em all

Practice was.. well, it could've been much better. I guess it serves to show two important points. One, we should stick to what we do best and improve in it. Two, if all the greatest musicians (guitarist, bassist, drummer, pianist, etc) would get together and just play, their music would not be great - sensitivity, simplicity, understanding give-and-take are much more important than raw skills. We're not a rock band, we're a Worship Team. Know the difference.

new building's(?) arrangements.. okay...

char siew faaaaaaaan~ yatta!

Been very busy of late too. Hardly had time to come home at night. Parents are a understanding bunch - me lurvah them alottah. Dad has been especially supportive of the idea of me getting a new guitar. He knows me been buying my own gear and he's gonna sponsor me cash to buy my future(?) new wife!! YATTAAA~

you know ur dad's cool when he wears better clothes than you

Thinking of how to work out The Pledge (coming to you this Tuesday). Together with Jou Chean, in her room, doing stuff.. *koff* and more importantly, working on the theme song to make it sound better. Done with the recording and hopefully, it's the final cut. The ideas sounds cool. Hopefully it'll materialize into something cooler. Get ready for this Christmas; a Christmas thingie: the invisible cloak. God's wings and His hands holds all - His covering is perfect.

ana-channnnnnnnnnnnn!! me wanna keep her~

hmmmmm.... 0.o!

Shin Dee is a very special girl. No, not the ones that you find in mental institutions nor the one I see in the mirror everyday. She's my niece you see. How did that connection happened? I'm not entirely sure, but all I know is that she calls me uncle, which, in at certain point is not good. *sigh* Sandra calls me uncle too.

shin dee - animal lurvahhh~

This girl here, gave me a White Birthday. Wikipedia has nothing on it because it's something she made up herself. World! What's more special about her, is that she gave me something I've never had before. Despite me being me, extrovert, loud, unassumingly annoying, occasionally funny, having many(subjective) friends, I've never really celebrated a birthday before, well, not like what she did for me. So yea, that makes her special.

thanks Shin Dee - ur spesel!

Thanks to all those who came and were involve in it too. Rest assured i'll get all of you soon, I had fun. Thanks Shin D, Kay L, Ana-C, Becca L, Sully V, Eli Beng, and Jingles. You are all a great blessing to me.

Nites peeps~

reign in all the earth

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Anonymous said...

i like the Starbucks shirt!! haha..
your birhtday cake is sooo... special.. hehe..=P
-shu lin-

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