Monday, September 03, 2007

| issues of marriage and wife

Hold on to your seats peeps. This is gonna be a looong, naggy and draggy one.

relationships are like air tickets
if one takes off, you can always wait for the next

Relationships should never be rushed into nor should it be given little thoughts on questions such as compatibility, purpose, needs, directions and of course, the will of God. Age and time should be taken into consideration as well.

chicks who digg mutton knows how to live life

One can associate relationships to food. By ordering different types of meals, separated from the normal convenience of the menu whereas still bounded by the limitations of choices and barriers of language, seamlessly acknowledged to be known and understood but lacking, one concludes that this whole paragraph does not make any sense at all. Hence. One can't associate relationships to food. heh~

cheese cakes should saved for after marriage

When getting into a relationship, marriage should always come into mind. For what reasons or motive is there to start a relationship with no directions? If you aren't gonna last for marriage, why start? Such crude questions that people so often avoid are in fact, the most important of them all.

Personally, for me, I confess, I'm struggling now. As I've said; relationships are a tricky business and I'm barely holding on to anything right now, afraid to start anew, afraid of what my family would think. Whether can I afford it right now? Or thinking whether she's the right one for me. So I hope that you all will be praying for me that God will provide me with all the necessary things I need for this (future?) relationship to work out. Thanks.. so I want you all to meet...



PRS SE Standard Camouflage


What? Thinking something else? heh~
Nite peeps~ hahahaha~


Gary Lim said...

dem! u got me there! >__<

nice post thou =D

Anonymous said...

Haha... I think it can really be a good wife to u.. but it's too bad that it cannot do housework.. =( hahaha..

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