Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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Choices. Definition of choices. Identity of choices. Challenges of choices. Reasons for choices. Purpose of choices. Consequences of choices.

"Choice. The problem is choice." - Neo Jan Sen


the faithful

Gloria is getting better these days. Obedient and smarter in fact. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to train her to stop jumping up on her two legs because when she does that, it dirties my shirt. Been playing with her more often too. Now all I need is someone who's willing to bathe her during the weekends.. hmmmm~

the common goal(?)

IEUMUEsomething-something had a BBQ party on Monday night, right after my 30 minutes of hell paper. Yeap~ There's nothing like stuffing yourself silly after being severely depressed by a tough paper. At least it's a better solution than jumping off the 8th floor of my room into the 10th floor of my bed. An interesting thing I noticed; girl-engine students were more hardworking than them men. Men - shallow.

the influence

the sibling's love

Dad brought home a Golden Retriever puppy on Sunday night. The first thought that came to my mind was mom, dog meat, and machap. Then dad said that the lil puppy, Gus, will be staying here temporary and his real owner will be picking him up on Tuesday. So Gloria had a new friend to play with.. for two days only. She was whining earlier when I came back from CF. Awwwww..~

the little reminders

Just as I was getting ready to head to YAC, as usual, I'll stop by my fridge to grab some coffee. As I closed the fridge, 3 lil fridge magnet that has been there for ages caught my attention. I remembered the reason dad to put it there and I remember its purpose and impact. The little reminders that helps us stay focus.

the choices

Today's CF was rather special as it was the 6th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Rather than go all out emo, the team of guys who went for the Youth Pastor School, Julain, Joel, Jingles and Jai planned for the nights activities. We played a game whereby the rules are simple; 'gain as many points as possible' but as we're all well aware, simplicity comes with a catch.

the explanation

I guess it'll too long for me to explain the whole thing and what happened, etc etc. So I'll just try to sum it up into a few lines in this lil' blog. What's the point of a person/group gaining at the cost of another to lose? What drives people to make the choices to gain as much for themselves? Greed? Insecurity? Fear? Where's the spirit of unity, of placing others before oneself? In the end, if we, as one body, work together, we will save lives.

the bullet time dodge!! >.<

Be sensitive and be caring. Learn to love people.

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