Wednesday, September 05, 2007

| issues of marriage and wife: part II


Ah yes.. after a long lecture, here's the second and final part of it. Get ready.

*takes pen out*

*gets ready to write*


Relationships isn't like a level 9 Here and Now perk from Fallout 2 (though many a times we wish it is). In fact, it takes time to build on it. In the words of a famous person I once met in the mirror;

Here and Now

"Relationship is a journey of discovery; discovering who your partner is, and most importantly discovering who you are in the eyes of your partner and God".

Deep.. He must be one really smart guy.

Anyway, I found this little treasure while cleaning up the house yesterday.

Ooooo.. lookie there.. who's THAT?

Ahhhh... good ol' days.

Today's CF was a special meeting with hidden objectives of propaganda'ish purposes to brainwash them unsuspecting CF'ers. In views of a humble vaudevillian veteran, who is a victim, moved by the vicissitudes of fate. To hear the vox populi that vivifies verily left me in vanity's vast verbiage. But I've been most verbose, you may call me Vandrew. Dig it.







I guess through what I've been through things are just gonna get more challenging for me. If there's one thing that is most important in a relationship, in marriage, is understanding. My numero uno rule in any argument or issue; there is always two sides on a coin - check the flip side. Good luck in all your relationships, married or otherwise, and may you know how to separate fact from falsehood, truth from fiction and needs from wants. heh~

my REAL future(????) wife!!
PRS SE Singlecut

Good nite peeps~

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Anonymous said...

eh.. Who's that guy???
-shu lin-

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