Friday, September 21, 2007

| as deep as the sky

Another crazy week for me - well, almost all my weeks are crazy anyways so I guess that don't really matter. Looking forward for a time off actually. A time off with good friends in a relaxing weekend holiday. Sagil waterfall anybody? It's close to free. heh~

faked my own graduation

Though short, it was a very refreshing time at my grandma's place at Asahan last Sunday. We gave her our family portrait that she may remember us and look forward for us to come again. Me love my grandma a lot. She strong woman.

like a distant chain of memories

Sometimes I wonder if being too understanding is okay. I guess it is as long as we are accepting of people's flaws and we try to make each other better persons. To care, to encourage and to show the love of Christ as how it should be. Need more compassion people! More compassion! hahaha~ Sorry.

the sun's over ya all

nothing will change till you want it too - till someone wants it to.

Hmmmm~ For an amateur photographer, me feels my skills are getting better. Using mah trusty W810i. Me like phone a lot!! It does things mah that old phone can't do just as how Debbie can bend in places where.. okay, I shall stop right there. heh~ Time for some lepak sessions!!

(dd ~ kk ~ mm) - acronyms are the in thing now

cream sauce is da bomb! if my guitarist behave, i will bring em here


*koff* its hard to be a man

Listening to Lifehouse songs now. Can't help but find there music style a lil' similar to Jars of Clay. Hook on First Time now despite how tak kena the lyrics of the song means to me right now - I just like the music. Okay, maybe some of the lyrics too, all except the love, love, love part. I've got no love.. sad~

deb dear likes them a lot *winks*

mah babies!

I have been doing some thinking and now, I'm having doubts of buying the new axe. I only have less than 2 years left in this university and when I graduate, I'll be too busy working my butts off over a bad pay:work ratio, getting caught in the rat race that I so despise, trying to get by in life.. or is there something I'm not seeing, something I'm missing?

tan soo inn dowain hais thaing

Of all that he spoke that night, I guess the one that caught my attention the most was when he said that we should learn to balance the songs in praise and worship - of how we should balance singing of our response to God and at the same time praising God's character. Instantaneously, my mind was flooded with familiar songs that had both inside and how they'd fit so perfectly in..

debbie dear and dd!

I shall keep the other pic i took of them in my private collection *winks*. hahaha~ A note to self and well, to any other people who read this. Infasha is getting way over-priced. I mean RM4 for a nasi goreng pattaya? It's outrageous!! IT'S OVER NINE-THOUSAAAAAAND!! *sigh* Where's justice these days eh? I'd rather go to Saravanan any day; quick service, good food. There - good enough reasons.

somebody's stalking this blog.. seriously

it's so comforting to work while everybody else's sleepig

Pulled an all-night'er to finish up my project over at my friend's place on Wednesday. The last time I did something like this was during my FYP in diploma except this time, I didn't get to eat any early morning dim sum because SOMEBODY was sleeping. As I worked through the night, the sound of my friends chatting and laughing fell silent and I knew, I was all alone..

last CG for Catalyst!!

I haven't slept for more than 24 hours. Mom was advising me not to go for CG tonight. I guess she doesn't know how seriously I take my duty. I had to go. KK was bring DD and HY was bringing her roommate Jochebed. Before leaving the house, I took a cold shower, drank a cup load of coffee and pumped myself as much energy as I could. It was the last CG for the semester and I want everybody to have as much fun as possible. I hope they did. hehe~ I love my CG members.

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