Wednesday, September 26, 2007

| good bye cf hello exams

ya still can't get married but it's okay! >.<

It's the last CF for the semester. Girls were sobbing and hugging, while the guys bid their farewells justly with a firm handshake just like real men. Unfortunately this is MMUcf and in MMUcf, we do things differently! In MMUcf, the girls will be sobbish and huggish, while the guys will just shake hands. Yea.. different..

awww.. shooo niceee~

Mark shared today. He pulled-off quite an interesting activity to bring his message across. He did confessed later that the ending would be better if Joash managed to bring Zijian but.. if I were to choose, I'd rather not have Joash touch Zijian. What poor soul would be left at the hands of Joash.. Now keeping promise not to put Joash's pic on blog for another post so I'll just put this up instead;

awww.. shooo kiuuut~

You can stop smiling now, Wayne. It's good to have friends whom are studying law. Never know when you will need their help to settle some legal issues or when you wanna sue corporate companies like TMnut or the government. Yea~ In fact, it'll be even better if each of them would to specialize in different law-related stuff; one for family, another for suing, etc. Question: Is it possible to sue a company like TMnut for below specified bandwidth access to the internet?

Ephesians 4: 1-7

You can stop smiling now, Vain. Anyway, back to CF topic and stuff. Mark talked about reaching out to our friends whom are close to us. Made me think back about my good ol' high school friends and the guilt that I carry with me. Though it may or may not be true; due to how I screwed up my life in high school, my character and all, I sometimes feel that I will never be able to bring them to Christ. Even thinking of that makes me.. really sad. Though I didn't light any candles in CF.. I'll light a candle for them at home. I miss them.

madness? THIS IS ZUBAIDAAHH!! *kicks*

My current standings towards people whom are close to me; Alpha, Beta, Gamma - cannot have relationships. Delta, Epsilon, Extension - find one before it's too late. Hmmm~ Looks reasonable don'cha think? To them Delta++ students, get your relationships right now at here. Pictures of girls taken and photoshopped with permission.. I think. Access to addresses and contacts will have a small fee of RM50, depending on the stock market value of girls. Order now!

awww.. shooo- what in the world?!!1

Kk. The last pic was kinda awkward, and I'll take that as my cue to sleep now. Good nite peeps and have a great exam week.


Great? Yea right~

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Anonymous said...

Gambate in ur coming exam. All the best ya. =)
-shu lin-

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