Saturday, September 01, 2007

| sickly duties

I have not been feeling too well since Tuesday night. I was gonna type out some corny line involving Jou Chean but I guess I'll spare her.. this time. Thanks to those who showed concern and even more thanks to those who prayed for me - prayer roxxors. Despite the cough and phlegm, I'm feeling better now. Thanks again.

thursday's ladies night out

Though it was raining and though I was still sick and the temptation to just call one of my CG members and ask them to take charge while I rest was great, I felt the need to do my duty as a CG Leader - I can't let my beloved CG members down. We went to a new place I discovered called Biz Lounge and Thursdays is ladies night aka all drinks cost RM1 (applicable to male wearing mini-skirts).

some sorta mint milkshake (brings all the boys to the yard)

The price is slightly just a little bit expensive for cafe' style food but almost everything about this place shouts an ambiance of coolness. Go to the top floor and enjoy chilling on couches. Unfortunately, when we went there, all the couches were already reserved. Yeap, reserved! My dear sister did warn me about that before. Guess she's right. heh~

zx complains that i don't belanja him enough

Nonetheless it was easier to eat our food while sitting on rather comfortable chairs than on the couches so I guess it was a blessing in disguise. We ordered our foods and drinks and dug into the word of God; James to be precise. To sum it up, 'Genuine faith produces good works/deeds'. So if ya all have a true faith, ya should be doing good works. Simple, sweet and of course nice~

it hard taking pictures under dim lights (lamb chop)

but it nice when potatoes has garlic sauce on top (citrus chicken)

Another thing I find funny in a Biz Lounge. I needed to go to the loo for some small business and as I was.. uh, undergoing the business, I felt rather uneasy, as if there's someone watching me on the right. I tilt my head slightly to have a glimpse and I saw another person's feet right next to me! Freak!

seriously.. who puts huge mirrors in toilets?

It's as if people would wanna know how they look like when they're constipating. High chances of looking like Leonidas (see .gif pic above). But I mean, seriously, come on mann. I tried sitting on the toilet as if I was doing some big business and felt giler uneasy knowing I can see myself on the left. Even the most vain dude/dudette would feel it I tell ya.

All in all, it was a fun spending quality time with my CG members, reading and learning from the bible. Heh, it's ALWAYS fun.

the bill amounts to RM130++

Nite peeps~

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Anonymous said...

I am also having flu here.. haha..take care ya, my dear fren.
-shu lin-

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