Monday, September 24, 2007

| finish the fight

Now to kick this post off - literally, good ol' fashion free-styl'ah~

guy: flooooweerr.. say flowweerr~
kid: ... orkid larr!
guy: orkid?! THIS IS FLOWAAAHH!! *kicks*

Recently, I've been going out quite a lot with a particularly person. Quiet, but known and revered by many as the Anime Queen of MMUcf. Check her credentials and you'll find her to be some top-ranking officer in Emina, MMU's anime club. So yea, I've been trying to bribe her for her animes treating her nicely because she's my CG member.. yea - nothing more than that, really~ *whistles~*

jap-speakin, anime-crunchin, andrew-fan : OKL

Another trivial note about her, check out her mp3 player and you can find rare oldies such as Doremon theme song, Dragonballz theme song ('z' on purpose), and many more! I think she has Spider Pig too..


Recently, there was a scheduled top-secret meeting at an undisclosed classified location near Bukit Beruang's University Green, Jason Leong's apartment. Contents of the meeting have yet to be declassified and the only a few key names who attended were mentioned by the vigilant. They were coded: LC-LC-JL-JL-JL-Andrew Ming Teck Liu. Information may be inaccurate but it's highly plausible that it may be a fake to lead the vigilant journalist off their tracks. More on that later.

apparent leader of the group: coded JL

It was not explicitly mentioned what was being discussed but it was stated to be of severe implications of a dire problem that if left unsolved will veer to consequences of catastrophic proportions, ie, 1986 Chernobyl, 200X Black Mesa, 2007 ZX's toilet, ???? division by zero, etc.

some were stoned

Handling, tackling the issues at hand with an open, critical thinking mind was prioritized with the utmost importance - second to hygiene and coffee.. that's unless the coffee is free and it comes from Starbucks. Have you Starred your Bucks yet? *koff*

some were optimistic

Snippets from chat-files (altered to be bias towards me.. heh~)

Shin Dee: apek liu..
Andrew Liu: stop calling me apek liu
Shin Dee: cannot
Andrew Liu: y?
Shin Dee: i know u're not
Shin Dee: but u're thinking like an apek
Andrew Liu: where gottt
Andrew Liu: tell me when i got think like apek???
Shin Dee: all the time...
Andrew Liu: example..
Shin Dee: how can got example when it's all the time?
Andrew Liu: im falsely accused
Shin Dee: nope, u're not
Shin Dee: u dunwan to admit nia
Andrew Liu: but u cant provide the example or evidence to show, much less prove that im apek
Andrew Liu: there under the falacies of ur statement, logically, im not apek
Andrew Liu: defining under the relative speculations of an individual cant be matched according to reality at hand
Shin Dee: ?????

some.. didn't make it *mourns*

Something was different about today's service. More like, something was back to normal. I know this despite feeling tired and exhausted, I'm filled, full, fat, etc. An anonymous pastor once told me that Christians shouldn't always be looking dull, un-energetic, and down. We have the Living Hope, so yea, think; JOY! JOY! JOY!

topic discussed? love.. baby~

Despite being unable to come up with all the solutions to all the problems, we knew what we should do - must do. We are humanity's only hope and so when asked, "Where are you going, Master Chiefs?",

"Sir, finishing this fight"




September 25, 2007


Ainnie-way (not related to Cosway or Amway), been telling people about a cute pic about Mario and Yoshi, Mario's gay pet dino. So here it is - enjoy peeps and good nite! hehe~

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