Tuesday, April 22, 2008

| blings and bucks

it's fun to prank other's phone

Thursday. Second last outing for the Catalyst CG. 3 CGs joined for dinner with the total number reaching 23 heads; the largest combined CG by far. Dinner at super-cheap-with-big-portion place near Bandar Hilir; RM3 for a big portion of Chinese-fried style food, RM1.20 for fruit juice!

Next up was the main event.

we be heading at bucks

What followed was a series of really fortunate event. Seven people, eight drinks and two slices of Apple Crumble Pie equals really happy bunch of peeps.

veli nish~~

And finally, to trade the above for a boring class equals;

*sob sob*

Hehe~ Good nite peeps~

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