Saturday, April 12, 2008

| the double-edge sword

In all that we do, let us never lack in encouraging, up-lifting, and edifying our fellow brothers and sisters as a simple "Hi, how are ya doing today?" can do wonders for the soul. Those whom are called to serve; be even more aware of it like shepherds to the flock, constantly ministering to those God place under you and to each other.

she has grown much but still playful nonetheless

Looks like while I'm gone I'm gonna miss out quite a lot of fun time of fellowship and chance to serve. Miss ya all! XD

all packed and ready to go

Gonna wake up at 6am and leaving my house at 7am. Don't count on me to buy souvenirs and stuff ya? I doubt ya'll would want ANOTHER key-chain etc etc. hehe~

Bye peeps~

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