Friday, April 18, 2008

| camsage and nipple - part iii

Many have claimed in the midst of ruins and rubbles of the Cambodian temples; that they have seen the Angkor Wat, they have touched Angkor Wat, they've been to the Angkor Wat... and thus, I thought to myself;

"What can I do that would make this trip so worth it, it's gonna be....
legen -wait for it- dary!"






i've licked the Angkor Wat

It's got an earthy tone to it, slightly on the mossy salty side.

Blame Barney Stinson for the inspiration.

Besides the regular big-roots-cool-trees, Si Ya took us to a particular spot which is dubbed 'the sexy tree' (said with a snicker). He told us to pose under a particular spot of the tree, went into the opposite ruin, snapped a picture and came out to show us this;

as VJ would put it, "it's the CRACK OF DOOM!"

Next up it's the all new exciting show called, Trees a Ruin!

looks like an elephant head

ruined walls

under restoration (shammie needed)

Then we walked out of the temple complex and was heading to our next temple complex spot when I noticed a bunch of people crowding around a lone, normal-looking tree. Well, it looked normal to me... or was it?

*cues music- DA DA DUM!*

face beetle thingies

As I stood there and took a couple of pictures, I could hear songs being played not far from where I was. The tunes played were familiar..

"I've got a little gift for you. A very special gift for you.."

I quickly turned my head and there they were!
The legen -wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant 'cause the next part of that word is dairy aCt '07 band!


Okay, the night's getting to me already. Rather than blabber on about nonsense and stuff I figure I'd just show ya'll pictures.

*picks nose*

and you wonder why the statue's face is in shocked

guardians holding the temple

nice shot of tina

needs a resto shammie

byakon temple (or something that sounds like that)


happy faces


tour de cambodia '08

After a long tiring walk around the two temple complexes, we headed down to grab some lunch. Once again, poor ventilation in extremely hot weather equals sweaty bunch of people. Another thing that I must honestly say; if you're going to Cambodia to eat their Cambodian food, ya'll be disappointed. It's all bland Chinese styled dishes. The only plus side is that the portions are big and I stuffed myself for fun.

hot hot hot!

its only for a day so ya can make dumb faces

According to the plan, we're to check out Angkor Wat later in the evening when the sun is scorching up the moisture from our skins, leaving us to dry out under its punishing rays. So we headed back to the hotel for a good 2-3 hours rest. Along the way, we stopped by to catch the only real delicacy in Cambodia..






If I have to describe the taste... I'd say... It tastes like ikan bilis; crunchy and moist..

The horrible part of it, is that it smells like cricket. Imagine the same smell that you get when you enter a fish shop and stick your face into the place where they store the crickets. Got it? Now amplify the smell after frying those cricket.

The taste is fine but the smell is really unbearable and seriously unavoidable. I kinda expected some really bad smell and so I thought I could hold my breath while chewing it. Alas, holding my breathe only made me taste the smelly smell of wet cricket in mouth.

Well, that's all for Part III. Exciting eh? hehe~ Hope ya'll ain't bored yet. Angkor Wat's next in Part IV.

Good nite peeps~

p.s. crickets were deep fried and sold in a bunch

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