Wednesday, April 16, 2008

| camsage and nipple - part i

April 11th, 2008. The Liu family (and trophy-wife /china-maid) woke up at 6am and left the house at 7.15am as per schedule... Okay, we're late and we know that.


We were to rendezvous with Un Mike at 8am, and have him escort us to Kuala Lumpur International Airport before passing him the keys to our car, thereby not needing to pay a load of money just for parking.

un mike with his red 4x4

We finally touched down in KLIA at around 8.30am+-... I've forgotten.

it's the air port! air port! wheeeeeeee~~

luggage (pronounced: leur-gargh)

We immediately got our tickets to ensure we won't get delayed, canceled or any bad thing one can imagine. We let out a sigh of relief when we got our flight tickets and smiled proudly amongst ourselves.. only to realize that now we have like 2 hours to kill.

*must... resists... doing... something stupid that'll get me arrested...*


venti caramel machiattos and a vanilla latte does wonders

While waiting, we grabbed breakfast in Starbucks (figures). We walked around some more and bro humped the watercooler thingie.. I drank the higher one.. *whew~* Soon, the lady that speaking funny announced our flight thingy is ready.

welcome to the kingdom of cambodia

Security: *stares at passport... looks up at me*
Security: I'm sorry sir, but I'll have to detain you for further inspection.
Me: Why??
Security: Because you're waaaaaaay too handsome in real life.
Me: *winks*

Anyway, thankfully (really... thankfully), I managed to avert myself from getting arrested for posing as a suicide bomber or from doing anything that may delay our flight or cancel our vacation outright. I didn't even shouted "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE!!" during take-off which I kinda slightly regretted not doing to a certain extent...

people + turbine engine = not good/bad.. very bad

tasty fuhooood~

rocking clouds

It's my first time flying, so I've finally broke my flyinginity! *proud eyes* It... was wonderful... Unfortunately, like any other virginity-breaking related activities, it's over way too fast and the excitement dies quicker than you can say, "Am I missing an eyebrow??".

touchdown - cambodia

dad, the tour guide (HELP US!!)

Our tour guide, Si Ya (pronounced: see-ya) for the 4 days, 3 nights vacation in Cambodia was already awaiting us. Very friendly chap, and with our family's... special characteristics, we broke ice real quick. While walking to our Mercedes van, I spotted something special..

old school lincoln!

and it be huge!!

van has white horsies.. horsies be cute

First thing on our schedule was lunch and we went to a place called Master Kitchen. The temperature was a scorching 34 degrees Celsius and everyone was boiling red. Drinks cooled us down a little but the food wasn't that great. In fact, the portion was so little, I could almost say that the whole dish's meat is just one whole piece of chopped up chicken wing and veggie. Owh yea, there were plenty of flies. Heat + Fly = Annoyance.

everyone wants to be a master

bro and ah lienz

dad and mom

clockwise from top-left: tom yam, chicken wing, funky veggie, fish

cwise from top-left: old school pepsi, angkor beer, fly, coconut

Despite a slightly disappointing lunch, we kept our spirits high in hopes of reaching our hotel and breathe in some precious air-conditioned cool air. We stayed in the 4-starred Angkor Riviera Hotel which is equipped with everything a 4-star hotel needs; things we will most probably not use.

carvings behind the main entrance

3 comfy beds

We unloaded our luggage, showered and rested for 10 minutes or so before prepping up for the next thing on our packed-with-activities schedule. Activities that I will cover in the next update.

we somehow broke the hotel chair while taking this shot

Me tired now so me be sleeping~
Miss ya'll~

p.s. ofcourse there's no real link to flyinginity in wikipedia!

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shulin286 said...

Congrats that you have broke ur flyinginity!!! Haha... I am sure flying is a great experience for ya. Hehe. Hope u like those food in plane. =)
Looks like u had an enjoyable trip to Cambodia with ur family. Looking forward to see ur upcoming pictures.=D
Missing ya, my dear friend. =)

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