Thursday, April 17, 2008

| camsage and nipple - part ii

While we were still in Malaysia, I managed to persuade my family to believe that 'nipple' (pronounced: nip-pol) means "Thank you" in Khmer, the official language in Cambodia. It worked very well.. till our tour guide told us the real "thank you" in Khmer. I still prefer nipple though.

Continuing where we last left off in Part I, after a short rest in the hotel, we pulled up our pants and headed off to our first sight seeing site to see the sights. heh~

Artisan Angkor

Artisan Angkor is the main USD sucking machine of Cambodia - in a good way. Our first stop was a vocational school that makes most of the handicrafts in the Artisan Angkor shops. They make legal copies of the artifacts for the USDs.

the statue held its bladder way too long

the make ancient artifacts

What I do like and I do respect due to my past affiliations, was that their target students are drop-outs and poor community teens. Not only that, they have a special vocation for the deaf/mute and they do silk painting. Cool stuff. I didn't try to sign with them as I've forgotten how to sign "You're cute".

she may be deaf/mute but she sure has a steady hand

painting skillz

Another part of the school teaches the student how to do stone carving which is so rocking. Stone - rock.. catch it?

*ba da bum crash!*

I mean, I remember carving wood in my high school but this rock thingy is on way higher level. The end product is a smoothly carved stone with almost zero blemish and that, my dear friends, require Awhsome Skillz®.

see what i meant?

i bet nobody knew this was a 'made' artifact

Then to show our support, we went into the Artisan d'Angkor and bought absolutely nothing at all. Don't get me wrong. Those stone carving thingies are really rocking (pun really not intended) but... I guess in reality, unless you're some super rich dude with ample amount of space in your mansion to fill; sure, go nuts and buy tons. But if you're a Liu, you don't have that luxury of space.

naked woman with no arms or head = sexy

family portrait no. 2!

Next up was some Cambodian massage... or camsage (pronounced: kam-sarg | said in high-pitched typical cina voice). We had a full-body camsage. No, no special camsage for us. Parents were around. hehehe~ It was a really great experience and I must say this; I got man-handled by a lady and I absolutely love it!

lower.. lowerr.. looOOOoowwWWEerrrr.....rawr~

Our next stop was, according to Si Ya part of the schedule thing in a bid for us to hopefully contribute to Cambodia's tourism economy and no, I ain't buying no white gold with white sapphire ring for 120USD

obligatory pic

For dinner we were brought to a nice buffet restaurant where they had some cultural dances and shows to entertain us while we ate our food. Ventilation was bad- no, Cambodia is just that hot; even in the evening.

mango, margarita, godfather and godmother

dance! dance!

Head back to the hotel for the evening and slept. Si Ya told us earlier that day that a malay guy from Malaysia would be joining us for one day to see the temples and Angkor Wat and then he'll be heading back to Malaysia in the evening.

the morning buffet - pork lasagna is shooooo nish~

That malay tourist that our tour guide, Si Ya told us about the previous day.. turned out to be Tina, a nice Su Be'ish girl from Shanghai. Si Ya gave a kiddish snicker when we found out our real tour-mate. hehe~ Now that's one cool tour guide.

tina, shanghai, china

So we hurdled up in the tour van and headed down to our first temple called....... something. It's a real sight to see, ruined walls, history of past civilization and dynasties etc. Ruins, ruins and more ruins.

enter the gates

windows of the past

Our first picture spot was a this huge tree that was growing on one of the ruins. It's like, this huge tree is just sitting on this stone ruins and showing off its presence. Me like it.

peter pan's tree

the roots behind the ruins

dad and mom

We walked some more and came across more huge trees with their roots just resting like a really big fat python on stones.

click above picture for bigger, nicer pic

Then there was this really unique tree we came across. It was two trees in one. A living tree wrapping a dead tree. Underneath its stretching roots, you can see the brownish color dead tree being covered by the living white tree. Reminds me on a specific pearl inlays that I would get for my next acoustic guitar. It's called..

Well folks, that it for Part II of Camsage and Nipple. Gosh, that sounds funny. hehe~ Will continue the rest tomorrow.

standing amongst the timeless

Nite peeps~

p.s. i do occasionally say nipple throughout the vacation when someone does something for us

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