Monday, April 28, 2008

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Some may know, some may not while others just don't about the origin of this little blog's name. Previously when I have any major accidents, I'd still be able to stand and walk despite bleeding all over and stuff. This time how ever, my mobility has dropped to half (same speed when one is in stealth) and it got me thinking... "Maybe I AM getting OLDER! *gasp!*".

anatomy: bones are separated by the cartilage

I'm sorry for not being able to go church yesterday. I heard that DD came all the way to church just to catch a glimpse of my injuries for laughs. Sorry to disappoint her. hehe~

my favourite knife is dented =((

I was busy wrapping my injuries up to prevent further swelling (no, not that kind of swelling) as I had to hop my way to the police station to make a police report, make new glasses that will hopefully make me look younger and rush home to finish up my assignments.

my favourite knife is dented =((

Went to take pictures of the bike too that has somehow been positioned on display mode for the whole of Bukit Beruang to see. Bummer.

If my high school friends were to see me in this state, I bet they'd laugh their butts off at me again joking about how I seem to survive the worst of accidents and incidents. We'd probably reminisce our old adventures and laugh at all our previous injuries too. Most prominent on my mind was my friend's accident whereby he fell of his bike and skidded on his butt causing some severe lacerations on the part of his body we could kick so easily. heh~

... OH, HI GUYZ!

J.Leong was kind enough to help drive my bike back to the old-regular repair shop. Bro brought back the green petrol-soaked helmet and commemorate the entire event. Oh, brother, you're just too kind.

someone shout "HADOKEN!"

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