Tuesday, July 31, 2007

| everyone's home

It's been far too long since all my wives and kids had a family gathering at home. In fact, since I got Andrew Jr late last month, my 1st wife hasn't seen her at all till the first WTO: KL. So yea, you can say that everyone's been busy and away. My two wives and amp hasn't come home in a very, very long time; more than i've-forgotten-how-many-months. After so long, I figured it's about time I brought everyone home.

my beautiful wives and kids (uncle amp's at the back)

Gave them a little wipe here and there, checked the scratches, dents and the wear-and-tear on their bodies, noticed how my 1st wife's frets have worn off and is giving off a sad buzz on the 1st string - so much to do that I should've done so long ago. Oh yea, my cloth is missing too.

despite the buzz.. she sings with the lips of an angel

I'm wishing for either one of these 2 things;
1) I'm rich so that I won't have to worry about financial problems.
2) I have more than one me to make two important choices.

Truthfully, I understand that my problems aren't relatively huge compared to what I've previously faced but I can't help but feel so..... *sigh* I dunno.. I wonder why am I placed here in this situation at such a time as this. This is bugging me. Almost everything I've done seems to give me little comfort so I went out to seek the Oracle from the Matrix for some help but she seems to be a liiiitle busy with someone else..

ohh... kay... i'll come back when you're free

I'll be alright, I guess. Good nite peeps~

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Anonymous said...

glad to know that u got ur family members back.hehe..
miss you here. take care ya. =)
-shu lin-

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