Wednesday, July 05, 2006

| roses really smell like poo poo

CF was great last night. The pastor did an excellent job in presenting and explaining the tenets. I've always find the history of our beliefs to be so... immerse, impressive and yet intriguing. I do hope that the younger ones can now root themselves deeper within the Word to understand our Creator. Initially, when I arrived at YAC earlier, I was so tired, I had little strength to walk around let alone talk to anyone. But after a nice recharging praise and worship led my Joel (pronounced as Jo-l) I was up and running again. Unfortunately, the recharge wasn't enough for me thus having me use my reserves.

true love has no ending - because it never ends
~ shu lin

After CF we wen't to a mamak stall just along the road down from Petronas called Aramat (i think). I've been there a couple of times and I find the food to be so-so larr. Mamak Standard Pass. But a word of advice, never go there in groups of 60 to 70 people - they couldn't handle all the orders of the CFers. I waited 40 minutes to get my food, nasi goreng and another 10 minutes to get my orange juice. Worst of all, their nasi goreng sucks bads BIG time (Jo-l says the word suck is not a nice word). Strangely though, NZX seems to enjoy them (stomach of a bull). Oh yea, he bought 2 durians last night so if you wanna grab some yummy, delicious, yellow, aromatic durians, head for his place.

im rawkin my office with my mp3s

By now you guys must be thinking, "What's up with the title, dude? Andrew's a freak! A stupid, dumb, freak! F-R-E-A-K-O!! [insert random word]". Well, I'm coming to that. I woke up to another day of work, feeling rather tired from that weird dream I had last night. Scan-in at 7.50am and head for the pantry to drink my coffee. A lady in my office bought nasi lemak for everyone! Isn't she sweet? I, being a shy guy politely said no thanks but she insisted. Well, if you insist, guess I'll just have to eat it. Heh~ The nasi lemak was great. Sambal wasn't too sweet and the peanuts and anchovies were still crunchy. Yummy~ After having a nice breakfast, I went off to my cubicle to start my work. What a nice morning... or so I thought...

go on~ pick your favourite!

An hour later, my stomach started to develop a strange burning sensation. It's a rather familiar feeling though. You know, that warmth that bubbles in your tummy, begging to be heard. Next stop - toilet! Hot shit came out of my bu-- *ahem* I mean, I had to answer nature's call. Think hurricane or volcano. In fact, think of them both. After struggling in the toilet, I managed to settle down and continue my work back in the office. Alas, peace was not meant to last. Another hour passed and that strange sensation arose again. 2nd stop - toilet! I went to the toilet twice and crap the same thing twice under 3 hours! While sitting on the (very, very clean) Infineon Premium Toilet Bowl and going on with my business, I pondered - who made me poo poo? Nasi goreng or Nasi Lemak? Tough one..

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