Monday, April 23, 2007

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I think I know why this blog is not popular enough - it's because I'm not vain enough I tell ya. After checking out Jess' phone and seeing how she too takes awesomely many pictures of herself I figured, "what the heck, jess = normal, thus taking vain pictures = normal".

adam and eve weren't chinese
if they were
they'd eat the snake instead of the apple.. heh~

It feels good to start a post with crap eh?

Wait. Was that a question or a statement? Hmmm..

Sometimes I say things that
I wish I could take back
The most crucial thing I lack
Is a thing called tact

Bet many people would feel the same way sometimes. But for me, personally, it's so hard to discern when everyone's laughing, smiling, despite the pierced heart that's hurting so badly. If there were words that I could take back, what would they be I wonder..

Always Say A Prayer

So there are many things lined up this year and many things to look forward to but I do wonder sometimes if we can really make another NOC. Laughing.. smilling..

looking for amps - amps that would sound reasonably good for both acoustic and electric - need to train peeps to play the axe - such a waste of pairing two acoustic guitarist when both keep playing the rhythm - though IF pastor do get the amp i'd still buy the d.i. out box for future events - plan to buy another axe so that other people can use my old one in church - plans.. plans.. plans.. are so hard to set into motion

cause if i dare open my mouth
it'll just be to bite my tongue

Many things need to be corrected. I need to listen to Your voice. Because the power of Your words can repair all that I've destroyed.

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Wayne said...

Hang in there bro, the end will justify the pain it takes to get there, ;)

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