Thursday, April 12, 2007

| i came, i saw, i pwn3d sushi king

Well, not really pwn3d *teruk teruk larr.. Cash wise I'm only a below-moderate university student who gets by in life riding his motorbike while working part-time as a crash-test dummy - who happens to be a real living person. Tough job I tell ya, especially when the vehicles ramming me so happens to be a truck - that sucks.

they even sliced my favourite unagi paper thin

Bearing that in mind, I wish I had the money to h4x0r Sushi King's butt for selling 3rd grade sushi made from ingredients that's not fresh and pricing them as if Sushi King's some real or authentic sushi restaurant. Give me a break, they're just fast-food and nothing more. But hey, RM2 for every plate on the kaiten belt is extremely tempting for one such as myself who's stuck in Melaka longer than he dared remember.

thick.. but could've been fresher

I've always been a fan of the sushi world - despite being a noob at it and knowing fully I can NEVER afford to taste real authentic sushi *depress*. I think the ONLY time I've ever tasted really good, fresh, juicy raw salmon was during my holiday trip to Singapore in a Japanese restaurant called Sakae Sushi (can be pronounced either sa-ke-e or just sakai) with GerX and her family. I bet those who don't eat raw fish would have a change of taste after sliding in that fresh salmon and letting it melt in your mouth like butter - without the fats, of course. Man.. that was da' bomb.

now THAT's fresh

Alas, my hopes of piling up the many sushi plates into a multi-color tower of pride called uh, Tower Of Andrew's Pride came crumbling down as I stopped after the number 23 plates or so. So here's the rough rundown on what I ate, salmon (a must), unagi (freshwater eel), scallops, cheap-crab meat (GerX's fault), fish roe, and prawns. I teased GerX when she took the RM2 plate during an all-plates-is-RM2 promotion. Kinda funny.

The Tower Of Andrew's Pride - translates a lot doesn't it?

Well, oh well. My next target, after suggestions from Suet Yin shall be Kampachi Restaurant at Equatorial Hotel. RM80+ for a Japanese food buffet. Pricey but I sure damn hope it'll be worth it. A poor guy like can't afford to spoil myself. heh~ Good nite peeps~

*teruk teruk : bad bad (literal translation)

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Anonymous said...

too bad that there is no Sushi King in kuching here.. haha.
-shu lin-

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