Tuesday, April 17, 2007

| .i.failed.again.

But before I get all emo and stuff, let me show you some pics of the Lulu twins getting all.. *koff* friendly with Jason Leong.

stalking.. whispering..

running soft fingers through his hair

I don't really know what to make of it but hey, it's amusing to me. haha~

Now for the emo part.

Yea, I've failed once again. But despite my failures, there is just one mosquito around that irritates me, sucking my blood, mocking me. The funny thing is that these two are different factors; one is sadness and disappointment at myself, while the other's just asking me, begging me to get angry at the person. It's like that mosquito, after sucking my blood, is luring me to come and kill as it flies through several walls of fire. So to kill that very irritating mosquito, I'll have to pay the price of getting burned - and that, my dear friends, suck big time.

some nights, i just need it

What went wrong? If only I knew, I could have definitely prevented it but despite my excuses, only what thing remains certain; I have failed. Maybe it's other's fault or mistakes that caused this but I can't say, for the only person to take the blame is me, and me alone. Oh well, I guess it still proves to show that despite how much I try to do something good, I am only human and there are some things that I do that somehow, will have an opposite effect.

some nights, i just need that 100% real coconut juice

Lets talk about the CF. I have a sudden urge to talk about it though it's totally unrelated to what I've said so far. From the many people whose opinions are worth mentioning due to the position that they are in, they all have the same view; the CF is different from last time and different in a bad way. It seems that the CF is drifting dangerously close to becoming exclusive and self-centered. Well, maybe the CF IS already exclusive and self-centered but who am I, just one man to judge?

let it all out

The irony is that these opinions come from people who are still very active in CF and some whom do not come to CF anymore. I feel that it's time for us to review ourselves as individuals including and especially myself, for the CF is not an organization, it is a body, part of the body of Christ and many people are slowly drifting away from it.

Seriously, what have we become?

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