Tuesday, April 10, 2007

| i ate the easter bunny

I know it's a little late, but I guess I'm just following my schedule. After all, there's not a day too late to talk about the my Savior.

death defeated - a new dawn

I'm sure we've heard all about the good that Friday brings and the triumph of Easter on Sunday. The Man who took the weight of the world on His shoulders; He who did it for us took our sins and sacrificed Himself that we may live. Victory came as He rose on Easter Sunday, thus fulfilling everything He said - the chains were broken and the veils were torn down.

first abby.. now.. MICHELLE!! NNOOOooooo..~

CCC had a short skit presentation of Easter and the meaning of it. In the story, it portrayed two families; a widowed father, ZX and his precious daughter, Michelle, and the don't-appreciate-life Wayne and his naggy with, Elys (am i seeing the future?). ZX works as a railway track controller while Wayne is the train operator - both of them doesn't know each other.

no waaaay.. nah nah why don't you get a job~

One day, ZX took his only precious daughter Michelle to his work place at the track-switching point when disaster struck, Michelle's leg got stuck in one of the tracks and there's an oncoming train fast approaching, Wayne's driving it. ZX wanted to switch the tracks but Wayne told him that the other track is damaged and it would cost the lives of everyone on board the train.

Choosing between the life of his only daughter and the rest of the passengers - Michelle died. The train pummeled her at a break-neck speed, crushing her entire body and splattering her blood all over the train. In just a few seconds, there was nothing left of his daughter. Wayne tried to grasp how, the switch operator, could've given up his only daughter to save the passengers on board the train who were oblivious to his sacrifice. He had a new perspective in life.

Christ died for us out of love
yet many know not of His sacrifice
God gave His only Son up
to save and to open our eyes

May you all find meaning in life. Happy Easter.

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