Saturday, April 14, 2007

| have you ever noticed?

That my posts are always chronologically a day before? In short, I write about Wednesday on Thursday and people read it as if it's on Thursday when it really happened on Wednesday.

Vista is eeeevil~


It makes no sense - I know.

Anyways, CG was da phaaaan~ After waiting for such a long time, the Ish-Ish CG finally went to eat that famous, humble bak kut teh shopped called Loi's Bat Kut Teh. That shop has been there for ages I tell ya, since I was a kid in fact. Normally I would be there eating with my family but this time, I had the rare pleasure of eating with my CG;

*salute* *stomp!*

the size of the bowl, relative to Soly's head

Inside that huge pot of goodness lies the remains of what used to be a living breathing cow that was slaughtered so that we may enjoy eating its muscle, fat and organs; meat mashed into balls of sweet giving, ranging from its tendons to its stomach and many.. many, many more. Note to self; being descriptive is good. I guess the gals may find it hard to comprehend my appetite for meat but rest assured, it is not as lame as Hannibal Rising.

an empty pot and a happy soly

Can you hear it?
The Silence Of The Cows..

p.s. beer's good after eating meat

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