Thursday, April 19, 2007

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tak berkaitan with post

Yeap~ Nobody knew about the Theater Performance we had earlier today, in turn, nobody came, ergo, no worries about being embarrass - I'm a real shy guy you know... really. But, if there's anybody who would really feel the embarrassment would be the unbelievably sporting guy wearing miniskirt for his character.

HE IS TEH HOT!! somebody smack me

But I had a rather pleasant experience during the performance though. I love all the pieces that I'm involved in.. well, except for one but no point venturing further in that. I especially liked the one with boob touching involved. heh~ Just kidding. I mean, I'm not trying to say I'm gay nor am I trying to say I enjoyed it or anything like that two. ARGHH~ You get the pic. Okay - I shall stop here.

this picture serves as a distraction

Today.. is a very special day..
For today.. is.. my long-lost/sesated sis's birthday..
i haven't seen ya in ages gal and i miss ya~

now you can finally get married without parental consent

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