Friday, April 06, 2007

| that weird feeling

CG was different than usual today. Instead of having our regular Ish-y CG, we combined with 3 other CG groups namely, Slacker CG, CG2 and CG3. Sorry - bad memory. It's a funny sight to see how all these bunch of people try to come together and have a proper bible study. We side-tracked a lot (thanks to Joash) and the confusion was eminent - now we know why we don't combine more than 2 CGs. heh~

Some funnies through the bible study period



getting friendly..


ai ai's super-famous fake smile..

..and ed's pirated version of it

These days I've been having some strange feeling. A sense of tiredness mixed with procrastination and 'just-ending-it'. Weird. I'm afraid that I'm beginning to absorb and soak up the sad and negative emotions of people around me. haha~ I'm not blaming them or anything; it's my fault, I need to be stronger. I need to be stronger that I'm able to live up to the standards I've set for myself - else I'd might as well not live.

Dunno why I'm feeling this way. Maybe it's the sense of the imminent problems. Maybe it's just that I'm weak - I dunno. I really need to return to Asahan one of these days before.. *sigh* Good night.

i had fun.. hope you feel better..

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