Saturday, April 21, 2007

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A very wise dude once said, "the tongue is like a double edged sword". Words like those never seemed so true as it is to many people who are oblivious to the power they hold within their mouths. It can be used to build or to destroy. So yea. Stop being serious would ya? This is a light-hearted post. heh~ But before that,

crawling-with-an-egg-in-her-mouth gal - Kay Lyn

If you haven't check out the picture gallery at CLC, you should. Most of it are pictures of IF Camp two years back and as expected, most of them are quite embarrassing. None of mine though. Whew~ And as if things weren't weird enough that day, while walking into campus, I saw..

Two lovely girls, sitting under the freakin hot sun, next to the huge, smelly sewage drain. When asked, apparently they were waiting for... nothing. Yea~ That's what they told me. Brings new perspective on girls doesn't it?


CG was fun, as always. Once again, the awesomely-great Ish Ish CG joined forces with UH~ (Ultimate Him) CG as we only had two members who were present, Merilyn and I. Yea, so Joash's CG pretty much spoil the fun else it would just be hot Merilyn and I on a date, somewhere.. out there.. and stuff. Kay, Brian doesn't read blogs. hehe~ Anyway, during our bible study at Joash's crib, a few words of wisdom were shared amongst us. I only took down too because I was busy laughing at the rest. So here you go.

i'll be rich, thus popular, thus handsome


Hey! you know Jesus?
Well, He knows you
it's time you know Him too

Now that's what I call wisdom.

After CG ended, which was pretty late (sesated a lot) our combined CG along with a few drifters and hitchhikers headed for Calanthe Coffee House only to find out that it's closing. Closing! At 11pm? That's like, such an early time to close. But, our stomachs were hungry and we were bored. That was enough of a motivation for us to head to the next best place, Friends Cafe.

yoda says sweet be vanilla frappe

Had a weird moment along the way. Most probably due to the repercussion of crap that happened the past few days ago but I guess I was able to swallow it all. I'm slacking in that these days, letting my emotions be seen by others. *sigh* Oh well~ That'll be the last, I assure you.

yes, i love my coffee with some good ol' Bailey's Irish Cream

Spent the whole time chatting, eating me fries, and tasting other people's food. Ana-chan did good ordering some funkily spicy food; some sort of spicy pepper spaghetti with white sauce.. or something along those lines. Justyne, whom I expected to teman me, drank some banana chocolate frappe or something like that. Lonely. heh~

crazy times, these days are

Here's some wontdieone.blogspot trivia. In my blog's encoding has a sitemeter that counts how many people visit my site and some other information such as from where they found my link, or where they're heading to from my blog. In other words, the referring URL and visit exit page. Among the many, here are some of the few that I recorded down recently;

"the wager of sin is death""band"
when did Vincent Van Goth die?
"jason leong" subang
malaysian band-indecisive

All time favourite, searching
How many poeple die each year from talking on the phone and driving

something to greet you at the door

Words are so important that sometimes..
people do not realize what they're saying..
that the words loses its value.

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