Saturday, July 07, 2007

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I'm still trying to get the hang off using a Sony Ericsson phone. Unlike good ol' trusty Nokia's these SE phones are quick to bite back.

I ain't complainin' though. heh~

Paddlepop .777

The only really irritating thing about having a 8 to 10 morning class is having nothing to do till the next activity which is at 12pm. Thankfully, there's always a place to crash, chill out and watch movies. I'm grateful for that. Something funny happened though regarding closed doors, curtains and a whole litter of misconceptions and wild imagination. Thanx for the movie!! heh~

looks cool from bottom-up

I'm sorry if I keep firing the camera away like a little child holding a new sub-machinegun. To those people who deleted their pics from my phone; no worries, there's always tomorrow. *smiles* Now with new found powers of the 2megapixel auto-focus-and-has-macro camera this blog's picture quality level has been upgraded to version 2.5.

gloria! double-duck-roll.. good girl~


Okay, I'm back. Went out with my old friends whom I've been somewhat resolutely avoiding for awhile now. I figured I owe them something for my absence and constant turn-down of their request to hang out. *sigh* As confident as I am with myself, I truly dunno what to do about this matter.

today's menu

The first session of the apologetics training was great. Maybe it's just me but I find building questions, logically based fundamental statements to be very interesting. Challenging philosophies and the pursuit of truth. Now I just hope I can wake up for the morning session. I started writing this post at around 1am, stopped at 1.20am, went out and came back.. Now's it's already nearing 5am. Boy, it's sure gonna be a looooong day. So help me God.

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