Friday, July 27, 2007

| knife of char siew anniversary water futsals

Dad came into my room on Tuesday, gave me a new partner to accompany me on my journeys in life; a new partner to replace the other old, worn-out guy. A bigger, better Swiss Army Knife.

bigger badder bumblebee badger.. and stuff

So it's a bigger Swiss then my old one and it has all the good stuff except scissors. So yea, that's a minus point there but wait, it has whole loads of other goodies that I would (most probably) use frequently; 1 super-sharp big knife, 1 just-as-sharp small knife, 1 bottle cap opener, and a can opener-cum-screwdriver with sharp edge. Lots of sharp stuff.

big knife so sharp, it shaves Tim's leg-hair.. scary~

Yea, so I opened up the big knife and it was a little dirty and oily. So I gave it a good wipe with my fingers like how I would with the smaller knife and to my surprise, it sliced through my skin. I used the word slice because it didn't 'cut' but it was as if it could just slice the skin. Unfortunately, it sliced too deep and blood was flowing out.

it drank the blood of its master - it belongs to me now

Anyway, on Tuesday me didn't go CF because as a role-model son, me had to accompany me dad to eat dinner. On Wednesday, me being a good son too, almost missed meeting up for the 10th anniversary practice as mom was alone at home and I had to teman her makan too. Thankfully, I manage to grab a good dinner with mom and went for the practice too and when I say 'a good dinner', I really mean it's goooood~

behold the blooming beauty of blings in blocks
(translation : behold the best char siew fan in malacca)

So yea, I made it for the CF 10th Anniversary practice and what we're gonna do, unfortunately, I can't tell ya. Well, I can but then I would be force to silence you with my extremely irresistible charms of fake chest hair, just like Tim's. So rather than post up pictures of what we practice, I'll just post up random scandal kiut-kiut pictures. Yea, that should work.

tweety twins tofu

(insert something witty) *koff*

Despite the boring 1 hour of class in the afternoon, something cool happened in my house today. But as cool as it is, it is still a calamity that befell us earlier this year and this time, it striked without any warning whatsoever.

funny floods flourishes farts

Dad and I scrambled to keep the water at bay and away from our house. We opened up the main house drainage in hopes that the drain would be able to swallow up the water that was beginning to creep into the house inches by inches.


Just kidding. A pipe burst a few blocks up my house and the water-dudes needed to release some pressure, thus, WHOOOOSHHHHGARGKLEBLEH!


seeing these kinda stuff turns me into a kid all over again.. heh~

Later in the evening it was CG time and not just any CG time - it's CG Lepak Time!! This time, we the Catalyst CG and Jingles' CG joined forces and had a friendly futsal game. Yea, we played futsal alright and it was fun. Both sides had their star players ready to rock; Elaine Sua and Ana-chan. Nobody and I mean NOBODY could stop their ball from entering the goal. They're THAT good. Star-player indeed. heh~

sore saggy stumpy stuff

Fellowshipping was never this fun and for the next Lepak Time, we're gonna play badminton!! Whoohoooo~!! Look forward to it ya?

see ana-chan, i kept my promise - i spared the rest of you.. hehe~

Nite peeps~


Anonymous said...

be careful when u playing with knife ya. don think that ur hands are made of metal hor. haha.. take care ya n thanks for the idea. =)
-shu lin-

JanSen said...

lucius = teenage 'mutated' ninja turtle. (+ baja hitam)

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