Monday, July 16, 2007

| the change

Steven Curtis Chapman writes the best of songs, IMO. Lincoln Brewster writes the best of riffs, IMO. Jars Of Clay writes the best of simplicity. Yea.

Question: What da ya do when ya've a cookie jar infrontoff joo?

that's a huge cookie jar indeed

It's a cold Saturday morning and the word 'stoning' has never felt so hard before.. *koff* Thank God for creating us mere humans with speech filters. Ya'll better be looking forward to Christmas this year. I promise ya, it's gonna be one heckuva wild ride on the west side (of Malaysia).


You know how the body develops immunity towards any medicine or drug if taken regularly and to be effective, the dosage must be increased? I kinda feel like that when drinking my morning coffee. Unlike so many years ago when I was a kid, coffee easily jump-start my engine and got me ready for primary school. Now, it's gotta be triple-shot for it to have ANY effect.

lu like ai's kookeees.. *koff*

So yea, I didn't mention why I was up so early on a beautiful chilled Saturday morning. Unfortunately, as of now, I can't disclose any information so I'll just say we had a.. erm.. study session.. of sorts.. and stuffs.. yea.. stuffs.. Hmmm~

thanx ai ai for the kookeees.. it nice.. how much?

Recently I was given the opportunity to think about the word 'change'. Nothing to do with undies though it's commonly associated with it. What spurs forth change? People? God? Ourselves? I've the understanding that the act of 'changing' starts with the self and the will to change. God can't change you, people can't change you and you yourself definitely can't change unless you want to.

jou's jouble jeese jurger

I guess it's easy to feel the pressure of the need to change, be it from our old bad habits to our characters and everyday life. Being Christians especially, we've what seems to be the weight of the world's expectations on us to do EVERYTHING right, else we'd be called hypocrites. Funny ain't it?

dad's bday dinners - super steak

But to use that as an excuse to falter and fail is wrong for as Christians we're to be renewed as a whole. We should change, we must change for we are the catalyst of change to the people around us and to the nations. Ignorance serves no purpose. The pointing game's over, the time of consequences begins.

a good year, i must say

The catalyst of change. Sounds easy doesn't it? Sounds cliche'. I bet many of you have heard the above speech plenty of times but as naggy as it sounds, it stills hold true.

What about the change?
What about the difference?
What about the grace?
What about forgiveness?
What about the life that's showing,
I'm undergoing the change?

Think about it~ Nite peeps~

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