Friday, July 06, 2007

| grace

Something surprising happened to me today. In fact, it's so surprising that I couldn't find the words to say nor the feelings to express it out.
Yes, I'm happy.
Yes, I'm grateful.
But why do I feel so weird.. so.. awkward after being given this gift?


what a letter

Recently went out with two old friends on mine. Knew both of them since way back during National Service (1st of the 1st Batch, Group Alpha), Ee Jin who is currently studying Robotics En in MMU and Shu Lin who is studying Cognitive Science in Kuching. I've talked about my dear friend, Shu Lin a few times before and have posted several of her pictures, etc but this time, I didn't really get the chance to take a good picture with my old phone. Still, we had fun and we cherished the time we spent together though short it was.

introducing... *drumroll*

Today's bible study week for Thursday CGs. Our topic? Introduction to the book of James. Most of the CG members were surprise to find learn about James and who he is. All in all, there are 4 'James' mentioned in the bible. Curious? Come for CG larr. Anyway, initially I wanted to go to Ana-chan's house to do the bible study. I even bought the snacks for it too but alas, due to some unknown destiny that God has planned out for this CG we went to Calanthe and did our bible study there instead. hehe~ This CG rocks!

The Catalyst CG (no relation to ATi driver)


I guess I'm just not used to having people give me something grand and/or expensive without working my butts off to earn it or at least doing something along those lines. To be given something like this reminds me of the many precious things that were given to me and the most precious of the lot.. .S.L.V.T.N.

the last pic for the old guy

Grace.. the beauty of it is that it makes life not fair ~ Relient K

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Anonymous said...

hehe,, thanks for the day. take care ya. =)

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