Friday, July 20, 2007

| strength - encouragement - passion

I couldn't lead my CG members for bible study today (yesterday, actually). The first of the many mid-term papers struck again and the early warning siren didn't work out as well as I hoped it would. What's more I'm feeling oh-so drained.. and I believe I'm not the only one who feels this way.

fingerprints of God - see the art in me

Been talking to a few.. okay, been talking to many people the past week. Been having a heavy burden to communicate and to understand what's going on in people's life as the air I felt around 'em were heavy. So yea, drained. I was drained. Was, that is, not anymore. Found an old piece that I've long forgotten about, it's one of the part from the Chapter of my life called The Fire. The piece I found is called Passion and it came to me like a quiet whisper, a gentle wind. Not like how I would expect it to come.

heaven in the real world - i am speechless

As tired as my body is.. as tired as my mind is, I feel evermore full of strength.. but I do know and acknowledge that this strength is not my own - it can't be and for that I'm encourage to press on, knowing that a Big Guy is backing me up. Picked up my guitar and remembered my call. I recall the promises of God on my life, personal ones, specific ones. It's like triple blessings have been poured on me.

im the dancer You are, the Lord of the dance

I found strength when I rest in Him, I found encouragement when I listen to Him, and I gained a deeper passion when I remember my purpose, my call. I only pray that I can spread this gem that I've rediscovered from my past, old life. I'm gonna give my all.

Thanks Steve for the reminder.

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