Wednesday, July 18, 2007

| stop - family time

If you don't know who Mc Hammer is, it would mean that I'm old. If you guys who're my batch don't know who Mc Hammer is, it would mean that I'm way way old and should start thinking about my retirement plan.

love in the shadow

Did some searching on my older archives to see when was the last time I mentioned Malacca Club - it's been waaaay too long. That would also mean that I haven't spent quality time playing sports with my family for a loooong time too. In fact, it has been almost a year since we last set foot in Malacca Club and yearly membership fees is nearly RM1k. Great.

parked between the mercedes and bmws

I remember how we used to joke about how awkward it was for our lowly vehicle to park next to them rich-man's car whom most-of-the-people-i-know's parents drive them too. Ahh~ I even remember once when this old plump uncle open the door of his BMW went "CHAARRHH-TUIII~" on my dad's car. Me no tell dad because when me thought too far ahead, outcome no good.

queen of the table - she'll really kick ur arse

I guess the main sport my family plays besides the usual badminton, squash, tennis, baseball, basketball, rugby, avtomat and kalashnikova, would be table tennis. Either that, or it's just that I prefer table tennis over firing off rounds at blind dogs across the wasteland. Yea. My mom's the queen of it. Got bunch of trophies and medals to prove 'em too.

skill = technique

When my bro and I were much younger, mom would play with us with her left-hand as a handicap and that too, proved to be challenging for us. She's ambidextrous when it comes to this game of finesse. When we leveled up she would then only play with us with her right hand. Nutz.

skill = speed

Bro and I are pretty evenly matched though I used to let him win and stuff.. yea, pretty evenly matched. Mom would use technique to win the game; toying with the opponent, making them fatigue and no clues as to where she's gonna serve. Dad on the other hand uses brute force, smashing his way to victory but he can screw the balls well too.

skill = boning

I guess, I'm the weakest player in the family larr but I sure do like to play table tennis. Above all, it was that very rare, quality time that we as a family rarely get to enjoy that made it all so sweet. Wish I had more time.

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aarogon said...

skill = boning??
wahahaha... that would be the 1st! guess i'm very "skilled" as well... sounds damn crude la bro...

"Dad on the other hand... he can SCREW the balls well too"
once again... hahahhaah~!

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