Saturday, July 14, 2007

| scoring them goals

If it seems that the title is rather deep, I'm here to tell you that it's not.. unfortunately.. or is it? Hmmm~

Blessed Burfday Daddie!!

mommy cooky nicy foody

It's another long and tiring day for me of which is all a direct cause of me sleeping late at 5am and waking up super early at 7am for class. Oops~ I did it again. Chilled at the paddlepoppers house after my class at 10am. They're a rowdy bunch in the morning ya know? Stef and Rebecca Lee were crashing over so they were there to greet me the early-morning-slumber 'hello'. Loli-popper. Hmmm~


Spent some time with dad as it's his birthday today. He may be old outside but he's always young at heart. No kidding. Later that night went to pick up a few stranded people who were part of the WTO 40 Days Fast & Prayer worship team for practice at 9.30pm, practice was at 10pm. Nutz~

Jason L. said that pastor looked like Sin Chan's mom.. hahaha~

Though it was kinda rare for us to have that late of a practice, it was still very fun and fruitful nonetheless. We covered the new, difficult songs we planned to play for the event and made minor adjustments to it too. It always feels good to play with good musicians with the proper heart of worship - the atmosphere is clearly different.

jan jan and ai ai so kewl~

Before you know it, it was already way past 12 midnight and were finally done for day 1 practice. Went to makan the midnight char siew fan in town and it was good; close but not reaching the standards of the ultimate char siew fan stall in Malacca.

would kacau you more but since you're sick, i'll be prayin for ya~

seeing similarities

When it comes to having goals in life, I believe that all of us has set a certain few goals for ourselves whether we're conscious of it or not. For me, of the topic regarding music and playing the guitar, my goal has and will always be to be able to serve to the fullest without distractions and hindrances. There for, one of my life's goal is to buy this baby..

i think it's more than 7 years old

As you can obviously see, it's an old newspaper cutting of a guitar for sale but wait, it's no ordinary guitar. It's a Taylor. A Taylor Signature Model. To be fully precise, it's a Taylor Jars Of Clay Signature Model. Seeing it's so old, I'm betting that it costs a bomb. But to me, it's a very significant symbol; the band called Jars Of Clay and their song, Love Song For A Savior.

Taylor JCSM

From the moment I saw it more than 7 years ago, I told myself I'd get it one day. The reason, to remember the reason why I'm playing the guitar, it's like an anniversary of me learning to breathe and play this wonderful instrument.

So, what are your goals?

It's deep so, good night peeps~

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