Wednesday, July 25, 2007

| getting in-tone

i don't wanna close my eyes~~~ opps, wrong song

I know I'm like, a few days late or so in getting this post up - but I have a solid, absolutely valid, no-crazy-nonsense reason for it. Initially, I was gonna come for today's CF (or yesterday, depending on how you read this blog), but then my dad called and said that he's coming home (mom's working and bro's mia) and he'll be fine having dinner on his own. Thus, being the good role-model I am to the many out there, I willingly, though tempted to do otherwise, forgo watching Intone Band in action and had dinner with dad. I know.. I'm a good son. Yes, you can cry now.

debbeh ;- (pronounced: debb-bekh'ar-tun)

Not only that, I missed their workshop on Monday as I had to sit for a mid-term paper which in the end turned out to leave the feeling that I've wasted my time. Thus, I'm only left with the pictures I took of them on Sunday night during their first workshop. So yea, I could've blogged this way earlier eh? Oh well~

he makes my wife looks giler small... seriously~

Initially, I didn't expect much coming to this workshop. Honestly, I didn't expect to learn anything new at all. Eventually, I did learn some stuff. Ergo, does prove my theory that one can never learn enough. Personally, I wished they'd get more detailed and not brush the surface of dynamics in music and explained better on how it goes about so that it won't have to be repeated during practices next time.

dynamics in our music team - somewhat lacking

I'd rather stay off talking about music dynamics in this blog as it'll need as besides the Intone Band, many had already said, requires humility and I wouldn't know how people would react to my comments regarding music dynamics as it would somehow definitely step on people's toes (including my own) and opinions would rage across like a infinite war about music and how it should be like.

nobody's perfect.. but this pic sure is nice

I guess the safest comment I can give in regards to music dynamics would be; let the (insert instrument) driven song be driven by the (insert instrument). I especially do not like to hear and personally feel it's unprofessional to say a statement like, "This (insert instrument) is leading so let it be louder than the rest for the whole service, concert, etc". There's no point for one instrument to play all roles at the same time, there's no dynamics in it.

there's a hole.. in the ceiling!

Anyway, back to Intone Band. Well, as I earlier said, I had my doubts about them. Not in the music nor their abilities but rather in whether or not it'll suite the conditions of this church. Hahaha~ Guess they turned out pretty well after all. Not bad for a four dude band. I know the CF gals dig their sound tech, Carlos (or something like that) so here's to all his fan;

hey babe~

I can hear the girls screaming already. Going for that workshop was.. I dunno what's the right word to use.. bitter-sweet(?) for me. To see those beautiful masterpieces of instruments that cost more than my entire set of 3 guitars, 2 effects and 1 amp. Plus, it's a 4k aussie-bucks Paul Reed Smith guitar. *melts*.. or more like *cries* and THEN *melts*

top-left has its own built-in analog-circuit tube-amp modulator.. sweet~

Also, I find myself enjoying talking to them as they seem eager to talk about how they got their instruments, their personal life, background, etc. I find myself enjoying even more when I'm funnily, failing at trying to speaking with an aussie accent. Good dai mait~

no workshop pic is complete without... I AI, AI AI!!

Later that night the lot of us went to feast in Newton and when you go to Newton, there's only one thing to look forward to.. heheheh~

darth ma-lak strikes again!

Nite peeps and sorry for the late update~

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