Thursday, July 12, 2007

| .H.O.W.

java's a joke

Once again, it's rush hour for getting everything ready for the great night that is Malam Suai Kenal aka MSK! What's that? You don't know what's MSK?! By golly! Where hav ya bean mait?

God bless the drivers for they have the path to Him

Thanx to Vietnam War veteran, ZX, we were able to shop for our intended ingredients of which half-way through, we abandon the fresh veggie-only salad idea and went for rojak instead and potato salad.

God bless CG members for they are the fellowship

Went for a 1 hour class, came back with some soft-drink as treats for my beloved members only to find out that they over-boiled the potatoes and thus, we made mash potato instead. Here's a pro-tip: everything goes well with bacon!! Good stuff I tell ya. Thanx Debbie dear for helping out!

i took ana-chan's important dates..

and i took her heart too

Night came, went early to help out a little bit here and there, and prayed - hard. There's no such thing as praying too hard I tell ya. Soon people started flooding the pearly gates open doors of YAC. MYcf came in a whole group, packing up the whole place in an instant. Their presence makes things really merry. Cute chicks~ Borat says "nice~", Napoleon Dynamite says "yes~".

God bless the overtly unassuming pic

God bless them nice twins

God bless the sporting peeps

Games were done by MYcf were fun and the punishment were even more entertaining. Laughter were not short by any means and by the way, I liek london bridges.. heh~

God bless the given purpose

Next up were the sketch presentation by the Alphas which talked about purpose in life. As simple as it was, it made people ponder indeed, it me ponder.. They ended it with yet a simple song led by Elbert and Drumbrand. MYcf did their good ol' dance once again.. we should do it sometime too me feels and finally, the seniors did a really hilarious sketch with no-less deep of meaning. After introducing the new committee, some good worship to God (Jou did a great job along with Doris. Applause!), we ended the night with the works-always fellowship and food.

God bless the serving heart

God bless the willing

God bless the broken

God bless His worshipers

The night ended well I guess. Though there was a little hiccup nearing the end which made me lose my spirit a little, it turned out well in the end. In the end.. I guess we should always learn to cherish what we have now before we lose it in the end.

God bless the brothers

Bro took GerX and I out for a semi-lunch, lets-shop-for-dad's-present thingie. So shuweet of him eh? Along the way, we dropped by 9 (or is it 8) Storey Flat to buy some - okay, hold your seats guys; Deep Fried Chicken Skin!! Yeap, you heard me right there cowboy!

God bless stuff like these mann..

Ate at BK (Burger King, not Bible Knowledge) and a small fool outta myself when I spilled the drinks. It feels good to do something humiliating, it keeps me in check so that I'm not full of myself (even though this IS my blog). heh~ Unfortunately, we couldn't find anything worthy enough to given to my dad for his retiring-age present.

God bless the complete plan He has for us

Audition for the music team was fun. Despite the years of going through it, it's a good feel to once again do some impromptu jamming. Got to see the new batch of musicians, that's if they pass the mark, and their characters. In the myriad of people there and despite their nervousness, it's hard not to notice a small tiny sense of arrogance amongst a small few of them but I guess God has His plans. I've seen it in myself in the past and the in a few musicians in the past too but they all turn out to be alright in the end. heh~

Never forget HOW to worship with the Heart Of Worship.

Nite peeps~


Aaron Liu said...

God bless you my little brother...

auseniale said...

God bless a great blogger like andrew
*hugs hugs* =D

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