Sunday, July 29, 2007

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trust jessica, advocate and solicitors

Found a firm name for Jess already. So Jess, where's my commission for the promotion huh? Hehe~ You can thank me later Jess.

myth: pizza helps the brain - confirmed!

Meeting up for the script of this Christmas' aCt (a Christmas thingie). Started off pretty slow I guess, contemplating whether to go for a normal set meal or the buffet. Hmmmm~ Went for the buffet, bad choice but still, not that bad as all of us found out that - pizza helps dah brian!! So not only did we discussed about the script, we even talked about possible sequels and even trailers! WhoooOOoOo!! Pizza high!

a great adventure to an unknown restaurant

Went out with GerX and her bro, GerXbro to some new restaurant whose name still eludes me. According to GerXbro's friend, it seemed to be a decent restaurant with quite good food, in fact, he was even kind enough to warn us that it was a slightly little expensive. Fearlessly, we went ahead with this mini-adventure. As the menu was passed to us, we noticed..

no english translation?! GG~

Thankfully, a kind waitress was, uh, kind(?) enough to translate for us the gibberish that stood as wall between us and what seemed to be Some Good Food®. Slowly and carefully we picked out orders from the menu and made sure we had plenty of meat to go around. After confirming out selection of goodies, we sat and waited.

top-left-clockwise: rice, rice-salmon, rice-salmon-miso soup, rice-miso paste

t-l-c: bacon-asparagus, bacon-cherry tomato,
tenpura chic/pork, chic-asparagus n chic

Looks good doesn't it? Of course it does! Bacon and cherry tomato was GerXbro's choice but me, I saw something in the menu that caught my eye. If you paid close attention to the brokenly translated from Japanese, you'll know what I would definitely ordered.

bacon with block of melting cheese

Oh yea~ That's good food right there. Catalyst CG, watch out folks, bacon and cheese coming to Ana-chan's house. Need advice on what cheese to get though. Deb dear! Need ya help on that part. hehe~

still dunno what's the name of the shop

So, for an average of a slightly expensive RM3, any BBQ pork is good for me but don't expect me to come here often - only when I'm feeling super rich, which happens once in a full blue-with-slight-green moon. But coming here gave me a great inspiration to give my CG members a good treat with bacon, cherry tomato and cheese. See, I treat you guys so goooood~ Call me daddy!

should've ordered some good warm sake

Hmmmm~ Bacon... Cheese... Bleh~
Nite peeps~

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