Thursday, September 21, 2006

| atas the tanah tinggi

Here are more stuff from the Kuantan trip. When writing the previous post, I was kinda tired, thus rushed through most of it. I wonder if anyone noticed it. Heh~ Anyway this post consists of pictures and words - like all other posts.


Oh yea~ A correction for the previous post. Sniggling is actually snugglin and giggling, not snugglin and laughing. Giggling sounds more girlish, which was exactly how they sounded that night. Hehe~ Ex-president and current president sniggling together in bed. And I thought I've seen it all. ahaks~

Justin's head is like a big ping pong.. yada yada

Just a thought. We musicians have a name for our individual instruments, like Jason has his Tremonti, Justin has Ibanez, ZX has his Yamaha, and VJ has his, uh.. drums. But Deric. Deric's special. He his has Korg. I feel uncomfortable calling that keyboard's name but I dunno what else to call it! Deric, can pinjam your Korg? His Korg was used in NOC4 and it gave a sound like no other keyboards. He must've spend a lot on it. Without his Korg, I bet NOC4's would have a hard time. Thanx Der for your.. keyboard.

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