Friday, September 22, 2006

| something that's of worth?

simplest for the simple people

I dunno but you guys out there but I think bible study is fun. I really enjoy listening to people's thoughts and views on the bible. Seeing things through the different people's perspective of the bible and the meaning it holds that varies from each individual and that makes it all the more interesting. Gah~ Blows my mind.


Wednesday night a few musicians came together to pray for this coming Tuesday's CF. We were talking about a few topics and fasting was one of them. The reason for fasting. Then sacrifice came in the topic and the thought that came into my mind was, "what do I have that's worthy of a sacrifice to God?". Yea, that got me thinking a lot.

i'll never regret..

I guess I'm still searching for something that I have that I feel is a worthy sacrifice unto my Lord. I don't want to give God something meaningless, I want to give Him something that's of worth. I wonder, what do I have that's worthy of a sacrifice to God. I found that in my gift that He gave me many years ago, a gift that I treasure. I'm still constantly giving it back to Him.

..dedicating my all to Him

The reason I hold it in my hands. The reason I strum the strings. The reason I close my eyes and lift my heart. The reason has, and will always be for Him. The thing I treasure most, I give it back to Him. Yea.. That's my sacrifice. All He has given me, I'll give it back. Is it enough O Lord? I feel unsatisfied. I want to give more. I want to give You so much more. Open my eyes lord, open my eyes.

in my life.. be lifted high
in my world.. be lifted high
im our love.. be lifted high

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