Saturday, September 02, 2006

| what they used to be

Somethings aren't what they used to be. Boy, I bet we've heard that a lot from elderly folks that loiter in coffee shops all day. I find myself saying that too. In fact I believe many people have said that too. Whether it's meant to be positive or negative, we say it all the time.

i've always enjoyed a good sun rise and the night moon

Gone are the days when we would wake up in the morning and look to at sun with a smile on our face. There are just too many things to weigh us down these days. Assignments, projects, work, commitment, and of course, responsibility. I think commitment and responsibility are the highlights here. Can never run away from those eh?

the world was ours to conquer

Where are those days when we were young and free and the world was ours to conquer? Gone. All gone. Old we are even at such young age. As the world keeps on progressing in all fields, the younger ones are forced to grow up faster, thus missing that precious childhood that we older ones so desire. MTV isn't really helping too. I feel kids shouldn't watch mtv. Humph!

it wasn't worth my money

I guess things will never return to the way they were. After all, change inexorably happens in all of us and nothing can stop change. The only things that we can determine is whether the change is for the better or for the worse. You walk into a KFC stall and find that their new products are a rip-off and the good ol' Colonel Sanders is replace by some newer, fatter yankee.

what happened to the old guy?

Yea, things will never return to the way they were. People change. I change. I just hope and pray that I changed for the better. Though I know some people may not understand it but yea, I'm trying to change for the better. I'm trying to let go of my old self that doesn't bring happiness to anyone who encounters it.

i want you to change too

To me a perfect simple life would be this;
just me and my guitars serving the One I love where ever I go.

someone says that it sounds like a bad word

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