Thursday, September 14, 2006

| notty boii

Yea, I'm a notty boii. A notty boii who can't even spell naughty boy properly because it doesn't sound as cool (and cute) as notty boii. Cute rite? Come on! Say it along, notty boii!! And once again cyberspace is filled with junk from the wontdieone blog. I feel so honoured. Heh~ Noticed that in notty boii, boii has two 'i's? I actually wanted to use only one but 'boi' has been taken by some pop-punk chick name Arvil in her song sk4t3r boi. See, one 'i'. Mine has two 'i's and that makes my boii more special than hers. Bleh~

.:my blog is nice because i put nice gals pics inside:.
men are shallow creatures.. heh~

I so bad cause I use people's pics without their permission. But... you know, come to think of it, I believe they are aware of the risk of what I can and most probably will do with the pics what. So technically, they knew that I might photoshop their pic to make them look either very good.. or very phunny. It's a risk. A big one too. See, I got a nice pic at the bottom. Sorry Louis and Elf. Hehe~

awwww... so kiuut!!

This Friday I'll be heading off to Kuantan, Sabah. Yes, Kuantan is in Sabah for those who don't know. Hahahahaha~ Anyway.. PG165 under the banner of the CF and CCC who's under the BIGGER banner of Christ is going to bless the peeps there. My role there is to help these guys during the concert since there's no one else and for that, they call me a 'kuli'. Hehe Where there be a need, I shall serve. Do keep us in your prayer. Oh yea, Wayne's coming too. Hehe~

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