Wednesday, September 13, 2006

| weekend of rooftops

me thinks infasha is the best mamak in bkt beruang

My fun-filled weekend started a day earlier. A Thursday night actually. It was after CG Bible study and the topic was.. erm. Forgot liao~ Haha~ Kidding, the topic was about prayer. See, I DO pay attention (and remember) during CG meetings.

Glory to Jesus Christ - yes, I speak His name

After supper, I went to check out Shih Wen's CG who so happened to be at GerX's house at that time. Such strange coincidence eh? Heh~ So yea, Markee was there too and we had a nice long talk about the many aspects of Christianity and other religions. It was a good exposure to the younger ones who were there I guess.

rutbir and float mix better than coke and float.. why???

Friday came, along with my short weekend holiday. Had a quick lunch at A&W. I wonder why is A&W's tagline 'All American Food'? It's like saying that McD's and KFC or Pizza and Kenny Rogers aren't 'All American'. Hmmm~ Must be a yanky thingy. Asians like us, or stupid guys like me can't really figure it out. Fast-food quality sucks bad, in exception of Burger King of course.

ewww... corny dog looks... hor... nevermind

Photobucket's getting dumber and dumberer by the second. Tension mannn. Suxmyx doesn't help at all. MORE tension. So slow in downloading and uploading. *sigh* I should pray to God for a better connection. I guess if He sees me desperate enough, He'll bless me with a stable speed. Yay~

i've tasted better

Holiday.. Yeah, about that. Was fun I guess. Went swimming on Friday, I still can swim the whole length of the pool in one breath but I do realize I'm not as fit as I was. Getting old liao~ Aneeeway, went to Mines Wonderland on Saturday. Nothing much to see there larr. Quite sien actually. I guess it was a little boring because I couldn't find much to do there. Oh wait, that's the ONLY reason for boredom. Heh~

dave's deli wasn't that deli'cious

Came back Sunday evening. Missed church. Feel guilty. God's forgiving. Thank God. Love God. Live God. Pretty much stone the whole day. Dad made fish n' chips for dinner. The butter sauce was good but not exactly the way I wanted it though. It's still good nonetheless. Gonna make my own style the next time. Heh~

when our time is up
when our lives are done
will we say we had our fun?

will we make a mark this time?
will we always say we tried?

The lyrics mean an aweful lot to me. My own emo reasons anyway. Reminds me of my high school days in a somewhat dark backdrop. *sigh~* The story of my life, the story of my life.

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