Monday, September 04, 2006

| people just like us

Is it fair to say that no human on earth is 'evil'? That statement is somewhat subjective don't you think? But I feel that no human would commit 'evil'. What I mean is that, in their eyes and mind, what they're doing is not right though in the eyes of the rest of the world it's wrong. Get what I mean? No? Guess I'm talking nonsense again.

3 hot chicks washing a car.. hmmm~ lucky guy!

Wanted to update my blog yesterday but alas, my computer died on me again. This time it's not the power supply nor was it the graphic card's fault. Stupid RAM slots. Lousy Apacer RAM! I'd ditch you anytime to get a new Kingston 1GB DDR-RAM!

it's not as bad as it seems
but i say that all the time

Was planning to change my header picture for my blog but... I dunno. I've temporarily lost my touch of creativity.. and it's only been 1 week into my 2 months holiday! By the time my hols' over I'd probably be brain dead. If I die, bury my wife with me ya?

i'm 11.04536% a geek

Last Sunday's service was cool. A bold servant of God went up the pulpit and shared the message to us. I've heard many stories pertaining his past from my old church but I did expect to actually meet him. Cool. Praise and worship was cool too. The Spirit touched many people. ZX cried. Remember = real man cry. You can quote me on that.

its half-life

Saw this tree where we would normally park the van. It's in quite a bad shape, almost dying in fact. But there are still some very green leaves growing on its branches though the rest of it looks dead. The question, 'Is you glass half-full or half-empty?' popped into my mind. Then the words 'half-dead' and 'half-life' followed.

Random nonsense. Unproductive and meaningless post. Heh~

Need more pictures of people to inspire me to write nicer post. Yea, people inspire almost all of post. I love the people and I enjoy watching them in their daily lives. They're an open book for me read. I don't like reading books but real people is okay. I wonder how everyone's doing. Hope they're all okay. Croissants are tasty. Especially the fresh, crunchy ones.

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