Wednesday, September 06, 2006

| words are fleeting, hearts are deceiving

That would be an awesome title for an emo post but sorry to disappoint you guys, there ain't any emo post this time. Was just thinking of it, 'words are fleeting but the heart is deceiving'. What's the meaning behind that phrase huh? I guess you can say that it's the opposite of the phrase, 'Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks forth'. Just a thought. Heh~

"its not easy 2 stay on wif da choices we have make..
u shud noe tat better thn any1 else andy.."
~ an sms from night angel

Choices are a funny thing. One of the greatest gifts of God to mankind is the freedom of choice. He gave us that gift knowing we'll screw everything up. It seems so true these days that the many problems in life can be solved by first making a choice but at the same time, making that choice seems to be the hardest thing to do so much so it becomes the problem too. Choices are a funny thing.

too much dota can do that to you

Just as ACHTUNG means ATTENTION, TESUIHERSGONS means RIGHTEOUSNESS in German. Nah, I'm just kidding, but it does sound rather German'Ish-Ish. Ish-Ish CG is the greatest CG ever to be founded. Blek~ Righteousness can hold different meanings to a person and is measured differently by people. What is righteousness anyway? I know mine are like filthy rags before my God.

they said something funny.. i've forgotten tho..

Songs on mp3 making me emo. Stupid mp3. Nice song though. Funny le this feeling. How to discribe it? Dunno. "Will we always say we tried?". I guess so. I'll never say I can't do it, unless I've tried till my fingers bleed and heart breaks.


Super emo statement mann. As true as it is funny. Heh~ No matter what, I'll always smile and continue to laugh. I'll spread the Joy that He has given me. My precioussssss~ Don't go emo yea? Nite peeps.

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