Sunday, September 24, 2006

| things are slowing down

thanx debbie for da kiut pic! *muakz*

Dunno about you guys surfin the net out there but over here, in my crib (i just said crib, heh~), I've been experiencing some very very.. very bad narrowband connections. Yeap folks, it's once again the season for Suxmyx to torture us with crap bandwidths and in return we pay RM88 for 50kbps speed.

I feel sad.. Sigh~ One day, I'm gonna move to Korea and bask myself in their big pool of 400MB bandwidth and date a hot korean chick. Heh~

fan the flame and burn eternally

Exams are up, or so I've heard from my still-studying friends in MMU. You see, I'm in a higher level then them between not-studying and jobless. I call it holiday. Hehe~ Aww, show some love people. Rest assured, I'm praying for all your exams okay? So you're not alone. I'm nearing the end of the first month of my holiday. Second month of pregnancy holiday coming soon. Yay~

i like satay.. especially when there's fat between the meat

But there's something that's coming soon to YAC. Something better than my holiday. Something that's more important than exams. This coming Tuesday is Praise and Worship Night: Offering Of Worship! Remember kids, we were made to worship Him.

i like dim sum too..

Note: as usual, pictures have nothing to do with the post

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